Visit all year round

Excursion ½ day or 1 day

30kms from Diego Suarez (1 hour )

9 am at the latest

The 3 bays include the Sakalava Bay, the Dunes Bay and the Pigeon Bay. The circuit may be combined with the visit of the Red Tsingy, the Montagne d’Ambre and the Montagne des Français ( with short drinks served)

Protection against mosquitoes, and light clothes, swimsuit, beach towel, sandals.

Exceptional Bays with wild charm, surrounded by a long beach of beautiful white sand and a rare tranquility.

You will access there in 4X4 from Diego, taking the road that leads to Ramena and passing by the famous Sugar Loaf and the Montagne des Français, and bifurcating at Ankorikely-Bay Sakalava. The return trip represents 60 kms and lasts about 40 to 45 minutes, of road and track.

You may also climb to the Mine Cap to see the old pass protection. There are old canons inherited from the colonial era and an old lighthouse. From there you can take a moment to admire the beautiful view that awaits you at the Mine Cap.
If you go on, you will pass by Orangea and finish at the fishermen’s village of Ramena where a traditional meal will be awaiting you. Enjoy a nice little swim in Orangea or Ramena.

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